More Music History

My parents met in the church choir and spent years as featured soloists and also sang many duets together.  Here’s my mother, Dorothy singing with the Buffalo Bills Barbershop Quartet at Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium (1960’s).

My father, Ray also played the organ and piano, was a choir director and had his own barbershop quartets:

Ray was the manager of a music store when I was growing up. That’s where I took piano and clarinet lessons.

Ray Steelman at the Organ (1953)

Lil Scotty practices the piano:

Our house was always filled with music: parents singing, piano and organ playing, barbershop quartet rehearsals, squawking clarinet practice  and my brother, Ron playing his drum set. We each had various rock and jazz bands that often took over the house to rehearse. There were jam sessions too.