My Best Friends

This collection of songs was inspired by the uniquely interesting personalities of my students at the Columbus Montessori Education Center.

This project was made possible with musical help from John Battle, Larry Ramey, Dolly King, Lisa Clark, Charles Travis, Chris Young, Steve Willis, Tim Perdue, Ricardo Cudgel and the Columbus Montessori Kids.  The album cover was designed by Tudor Albaiu.

Lil’ Wil had an interest in geography and his room was filled with maps, globes and picture books of the world.

Where in the World is Wil?


Hannah was amused by the fact that her name was a “palindrome”, (a word that can be read in either direction, forward or backward).



She was just a second-grader, but Sarah had a golden voice and music in her heart.

Sarah Has a Song



There always seems to be a math whiz in every class and Ted was the guy.

The Human Computer


Danielle was taking beginning dance lessons, but she already fancied herself as an expert tap dancer. I recorded her tapping and used it in the song.

Dancing Danielle


My own daughter Lisa was in the first grade class at the time and I reluctantly imagined her growing up.

Lisa’s Growing Up